Friday, August 28, 2009

Our UAV is ONline!

Hey all,

While a summer drought is inevitable for any college blog, usually the Nasties crew tries to start picking it up during training camp after we have a chance to get back on campus, see some of the players, and watch coaches interviews. However, our battle with Comcast to get internet hooked up in our lovely South Bend house took a little longer than anticipated.

Fear not, though, because we are pumped and ready for another Irish football season. Keeping with Weis' theme of "Show me," I'll refrain from saying what to expect out of this blog in the coming months and focus my energy on getting some decent material up.

Go Irish!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pedro vs. The Shark

Tonite is the first game Notre Dame great and Cubs pitcher Jeff "The Shark" Samardzija will start. He has seen bullpen experience before, but he starts in place of the injured Zambrano (probally over reacting to a stubbed toe). And he will face none other than your WORLD CHAMPION PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES hot off an extra innnings shallacking of the cubs last nite. And who is Jeff squaring off against? Pedro Martinez. In his first start of the season, he hopes to bounce back from surgery and a general lack of enthusiasm from being with the Mets. Go Phils!!!

and here is something else which needs to be added along

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

4 Reasons for Success that Aren't Being Talked About

Over the long summer months where football news shows up less frequently than nice beer at a dorm party, there have been a number of articles predicting an Irish improvement from the 2008 season. These theories have mainly centered (especially in the national media) around a soft schedule combined with returning experience, but I'm going to try to make a case for success by pointing out a few other things:

Ready to go:

From extra practice to hitting the weights, the team seems to have put itself in the position to play great football this year.
Jimmy Clausen flew Golden Tate, Michael Floyd, and Kyle Rudolph out to his crib in Cali to run through the passing tree eight hours a day for an entire week. Critics have questioned Clausen's ability to step up as a leader, and this is one piece of evidence that suggests improvement in that area.
Its no secret that freshman are disadvantaged when playing against seniors, especially in the trenches, but Notre Dame should finally find themselves on the positive side of that mismatch. Weis said that over the 4 years his linemen have been at school, their numbers in the core weight exercises (bench, cleans, squats) have increased 50%. To put that in perspective, a freshman entering school benching 350 should be maxing out at 525 his senior year (which would still only be enough to tie Braxton Cave, who has allegedly bulked up this summer).
They will pumps the iron!

Depth Charge:

Over the past two seasons, a significant portion of the lineup was determined out of necessity (i.e. lack of options), and this year, we are finally starting to see the benefits of consistent recruiting pay off with some quality competitions in training camp. We have seven legitimate DBs, 3 full rotations of offensive linemen, and a good mix of linebackers, just to name a few. Beyond creating some good competition, this will help mitigate damages against major injuries this season. Even though the Irish are entering camp 100% healthy, having quality backups to fill the gaps once the inevitable attrition sets in should result in at least one more win than if the roster was top heavy with talent.

To Hell with the Committee:

2005/2006 saw an effective passing game mixed up with consistent running by one Darius Walker. In 2009, Charlie has made it very clear that Armando is the guy, and while Hughes and Co. may be mixed in, it should be more in a relief role than a 'lets surprise the defense' chess move. The combination of Allen at tailback with a blocking Aldridge should give Weis the schematic flexibility he wants without forcing him to show his hand. Last season, formations with Schwapp or Hughes in the backfield generally meant inside while Allen meant outside or pass. Now, for example, Aldridge and Allen can come out in a strong formation, Armando can motion out as a receiver, and Weis still has the option to 'Impound It' with #34.
Armando Allen will lead the Irish ground game in 2009

Spread it:

In the 2005/2006 seasons, Notre Dame aired it out with 3 quality receivers, but beyond Mo Sto, Shark, McKnight, and Grimes, the position talent fell off pretty rapidly. Pardon the phrase, but the Irish now have a stable of receivers, giving Charlie the option to really air it out if he so desires. Ignoring the steady hands of Kyle Rudolph, Notre Dame could put out a five wide set consisting of Tate, Floyd, Kamara, Parris, and Goodman - and even if some of these five fall short of expectations, a hungry Deion Walker and Shaquelle Evans should ensure that there are plenty of quality options.

25 Days until kickoff. Go Irish!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


We got Prince.......... Shembo

But ya, Prince Shembo, a nice LB recruit- and if you dont think I jumped at the chance of showing a picture of Prince serving pancakes, you are mistaken.
(Maybe a preview at the recuit in the NDH for breakfast)

Work has been tough now that its winding down for the summer, but the Nasties crew will be back to full force in the coming weeks with practice starting up.